Monday, April 11, 2011

The Tulip

The Tulip by Olde Towne Photos (Clyde)
The Tulip, a photo by Olde Towne Photos (Clyde) on Flickr.

So you won't have to break your neck reading this, I've printed it here:
~ The Tulip ~
Tossing turban style contours, with an aloofness as one passes by,
Utilizing every charm it possesses, under a lupin blue cloudless sky,
Like a guardsman, gallantly standing, holding up his noble head high,
In rainbow colours, brilliant and stately, a vision to surely yield a sigh,
Ponder thus upon the regal tulip, it has pure beauty, you cannot deny.

The Tulip ~ by Ernestine Northover

Having to turn the print to read the verse, causes it to yield three different views. Purely accidental. :-)

Nikon D-70 / iso 200 / 8 sec. @ f22 - Illumination by flashlight, no photoshop.

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