Friday, January 9, 2009

Still Life

This is my entry for Community Photo Challenge - Still Life

I just happen to have a still life that I shot the other day for my friend at the Olde Towne Bakery & Cafe. It's a new item on the menu and he needed a photo. I had to do it quickly, as the whipped cream was starting to run. I don't usually eat Hot Fudge Cake for breakfast, but I hated to see it go to waste. yum.

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  1. OMG, that looks sinfully good! Ü
    I would take some photos for your friend too
    Ü as long as I can sample all dishes....Ü

  2. That looks so tasty! *M*

  3. Oh I think you are just MEAN for teasing us with that photo! (said with a smile) :-) That looks like it had to be a real difficult job yet, you did it beautifully.


  4. It looks delicious, not many of us get to eat our entries! Jeannette xx

  5. Clyde, you captured the yummi-ness of that cake perfectly. I'll need the address for that bakery for the next time I'm in VA. LOL It's a truly excellent product shot and, incidently, still life.

  6. Yum...yum...Uh-oh, now I'm hungry. Very nice Clyde...good job.

  7. I think that the melty fudge and whipped cream makes this a spectacular image. An original choice for a still life. I love it!