Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I wanted a brand new image for this, but I can't find where they hid the new ( unfinished ) Light Rail, so I'll post an old one that I've run through Paint Shop Pro Photo. I used the Time Machine ( Platinum ) and then added a little color to get this effect. The original image is in my Flickr Photostream at the link below.


  1. Thanks for visiting. Click the link above for more Williamsburg pics. I just added a playlist to my blog and I'm looking for some good tunes to add.

  2. Clyde, glad you joined in & tried our new system. I think this will be an excellent addition to the challenge.
    I love your take on transportation, I knew someone would include horses!

  3. I like this picture - I love how the carriage stands out against the background. Thanks for stopping by...I am going to check out more of your work.