Monday, April 11, 2011

The Tulip

The Tulip by Olde Towne Photos (Clyde)
The Tulip, a photo by Olde Towne Photos (Clyde) on Flickr.

So you won't have to break your neck reading this, I've printed it here:
~ The Tulip ~
Tossing turban style contours, with an aloofness as one passes by,
Utilizing every charm it possesses, under a lupin blue cloudless sky,
Like a guardsman, gallantly standing, holding up his noble head high,
In rainbow colours, brilliant and stately, a vision to surely yield a sigh,
Ponder thus upon the regal tulip, it has pure beauty, you cannot deny.

The Tulip ~ by Ernestine Northover

Having to turn the print to read the verse, causes it to yield three different views. Purely accidental. :-)

Nikon D-70 / iso 200 / 8 sec. @ f22 - Illumination by flashlight, no photoshop.

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  1. i love it! wish i had read the entry first...i was turning my head and squinting trying to read the verse. lol good job!!

  2. Thanks, Gina. I'm going to have some 8x10s made today to see if the words are large enough to read. I was just messin around with it and it was kinda nice. I only had a few blooms, so I had to concentrate on closeups.

  3. Way to go, Clyde, always trying new procedures.;)) Beautiful tulip, and presentation!!

  4. This image just knocks me out Clyde! Incredible, dramatic lighting. You did an awesome job with this.