Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April Entry - Tulips

Scroll way down or click for my April 2011 entry for "Tulips"
(my favorite) from last year. 
Here is one from this year's crop.

~ My Entry ~
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And a couple of extras (not for voting)
(link is not the image above, but the same flower)


  1. Oh my gosh, Clyde. Nice job on getting the dew drops on the tulips. Very pretty and fresh looking! Smiles, Maria from Seattle.

    1. Thanks, Maria. But the drops were real. They seem to work better too. I used a small on-cam flash and had no idea how it would enhance the wet look. C.

  2. I just realized that the last photo is a black and white of the first photo....all the same tulip. Nice idea. Black and white is very romantic. Smiles, Maria from Seattle

  3. I did the B&W first, trying several methods of filtering before converting. I think the examples of each are in my FB album.!/media/set/?set=a.378365378864075.93892.123815644319051&type=3

  4. SInce when can we reply to a comment...Is this new???
    These are outstanding Clyde! I love the lighting on all, I can't pick a favorite!! ;? Great job!

  5. Dunno know about the comments, since I don't get that many LOL. The second image was illuminated (painted) with a mini-maglight after I removed a petal. 10 secs. @ f22 iso 200.

  6. Some nice photos here Clyde shows some skill with the camera and some imagination.

  7. I love the water droplets, gorgeous shots! I love the white tulip.

  8. Oh my goodness...yours aren't photos, they're art! Simply beautiful!

  9. i forgot to make a comment here, i just made one on fb lol. you do beautiful work. puts mine to i love the water droplet effect too.